Jonathan Matthey is an artist who has only recently dedicated himself full-time to photography, painting, and directing.

With a background in Art and Design from Glasgow Scotland, he got out of that shithole graduating in Engineering. After years of working with commercial clients in NY, LDN and LA, he's now doing his own thing.

He specializes in black and white portraiture, experimenting with old and new mediums. He has worked extensively with dancers, fighters and artists, often drawn to the angst and inner turmoil of his subjects — his shrink has questioned why he's so interested in the suffering of others.

He has always pushed for bigger and more interesting collaborative work, and in a couple of years, he might actually be half-decent at it.

Inspirations include Irving Penn, Arnold Newman, Kathe Kollwitz, Steve McQueen, James Turrell, Louis C.K. and Lagavulin 16.