In 2016, I built atomi's new landing page site and blog. It took a couple of months from early designs to the final approved live site.

Working full remotely as Atomi is based in Sydney Australia, I collaborated with a single designer and back end developer. I was the Front End lead in building the Reactjs client facing site, using scss and grids, the site is fully responsive on mobile and tablets.

The blog is built on Ghost which is also nodejs based and custom styled. The site hits back end api endpoints to display lists of subjects, sign new users up and login. Blog articles are also stored on their databases. | Date: Jul 2016

The next project was to completely redesign HSCHUB, atomi's main app which was built on CakePhp with no real client side framework. The codebase was getting old and messy.

I started from stratched, defined the architecture in React / Flux and spent the next 9 months building v1.0 | Date: Mar 2017

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