Go Try It On - Website and iOS redesign

Go Try It On! is a fashion tech start up delivers instant community styling advice on your looks. Written reviews are a large part of Go Try It On, building on top of that, my first project was to design a Product Recommendation tool where users would be able to selected from a specified list of products and recommend them to other users complimenting their look.

Users can also go to individual fashion stores through the same mobile view, find a product, and tag that product back into the Go Try It On App.

Date: Mar 2012

gtio-product-rec gtio-product-rec-2

For South by Southwest 2012, I completely redesigned the old homepage in time for South by Southwest March 2012.

The idea behind the design was to make 1 outfit much more prominent than the rest in order to raise the quality level of the content and overall feel that the old website lacked. This was achieved by having a large carousel on the left taking up half the screen, and outfits tiled on the right. Adding much more white space and making the photos more prominent. The right hand side had infinite scroll and pagination.

Built using Backbone.js, javascript, HTML / CSS, PHP.

Client: gotryiton | Date: Mar 2012 | www.gotryiton.ca

gtio-redesign gtio-redesign gtio-redesign